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We’re so happy you’re here! At Cooking Up Love we make food that’s easy, delicious and perfect for sharing with everyone you love! Our recipes have each been tested many times over and are written so they’re simple to make and taste amazing. And there’s a step-by-step video for each recipe, so you can preview the recipe and cook with confidence!

Coming from a large family of talented home cooks who whip up tasty dinners for hungry mouths every night based on what’s in season or on sale, I learned how to make flavorful dishes the whole family will love from favorite recipes or just making it up as we went along. At Cooking Up Love, we’re sharing our recipes that are proven to be delicious and dependable. They’re meant to be fast and easy, and while they may look fancy, they’re simple enough to make even if you’re a beginner. Our recipes and meal plans will make your life easier and your meals even more tasty!

We started our Cooking Up Love YouTube channel to share how to make our favorite recipes with our boys, along with far away family and friends. Soon after, when someone at the school potluck asked for the recipe of our dish, it was easy enough to post and share on YouTube, and our online recipe collection of easy, proven recipes began to grow and grow ?! Thank you for making our Potluck Favorites the most popular recipe collection on our channel ❤️!

Maybe you found us first on YouTube and are joining us on our new website! Or maybe this is our first time meeting us. We’re thrilled you’ve discovered our recipe collection and hope you’ll enjoy sharing some of them with your families and friends too!

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How To Print A Recipe

Each recipe has a button at the top of the post and within the recipe instructions to print a copy of the recipe.

For Recipe Specific Questions

Please share any comment or question you have for a recipe in the comments section of the YouTube video for the recipe. There is a link to the recipe tutorial directly under the embedded video and the recipe. It’s helpful because others might have the same question as you. And if somebody already asked, the answer might already be there for you ?

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