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    Rudy’s Cream Corn Recipe | Homemade Cream Corn Recipe

    This Cream Corn Recipe is such a family favorite and tastes just like the incredible cream corn Rudy’s Bar-B-Q is known for. If you’ve had the good luck to sample it at Rudy’s you already know how creamy and delicious this is, and if you haven’t yet, well you’re in for something special with this! It wasn’t that long ago that our youngest would bypass the brisket and make a beeline for the cream corn, slathering it between pieces of white bread to make a sandwich dripping with this luscious cream and corn. He’s such a happy little guy now that we can make his favorite at home ?!

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    White Wine Cake Recipe AKA Southern Crack Cake

    Our White Wine Cake Recipe tops the most requested cakes on our list! This cake recipe with wine in the batter & a sugar syrup spiked with wine has an amazing floral flavor and leaves everyone guessing what the secret ingredient is. I promise you, everyone will ask for seconds, then thirds, and then beg for this recipe! This simple and unassuming white wine cake recipe is also known as Southern Crack Cake. All it takes is one little bite of this decadent dessert and you’ll understand why it’s so beloved. Our Southern Crack Cake recipe with wine doubles up the white wine, adding it to both the batter and…