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    Snickerdoodle Cookie Recipe | Easy Snickerdoodle Recipe | Christmas Cookies

    Our Easy Snickerdoodle Cookie Recipe makes soft chewy cookies with some of the best warm and toasty holiday flavors – they’re one of the best, most requested cookie treats! We like our snickerdoodles where you can really taste the cinnamon, so we have cinnamon in the dough and make a cinnamon sugar mixture that has more than just a hint of cinnamon! This easy snickerdoodle recipe uses both shortening and butter for cookies that are soft and chewy inside with crisp edges. You may also know these as cinnamon sugar cookies. They’re a favorite Christmas cookie and part of our Christmas cookie collection, click to watch the playlist now!

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    Pecan Sandies Cookie Recipe With Candied Pecans

    Our Pecan Sandies Cookie Recipe are buttery, nutty shortbread cookies topped with candied pecans. This shortbread is packed with toasted pecans, and we like to top each one with a candied pecan – you can use store bought or I’ll show you how to make candied pecans in just a few minutes! If you love pecan cookies and remember old fashioned pecan shortbread cookies, you’re going to love having these on the Christmas cookie platter!

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    Jam Shortbread Cookies | Jam Thumbprint Cookie Recipe

    These Raspberry Jam Thumbprints are a sugar crusted butter shortbread cookie with raspberry jam filling that we flavor with a little almond extract or fill with your choice of jam! These shortbread cookies are crisp with soft, sweet jam filled centers and they’re perfect for your Christmas cookies or anytime of the year. I recommend adding the jam filling before cooking these shortbread cookies. Look for jam or preserves that are on the thicker side, and don’t overfill the indents for best results. As the cookies cool, the jam will firm up.

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    Banana Pudding Pie From Scratch | Easy Banana Cream Pie

    Making Banana Pudding Pie from scratch is super easy and this recipe makes a luscious banana cream pie with rich vanilla pudding, banana slices in every bite and the perfect crunchy, buttery graham cracker crust. This dreamy dessert is completely from scratch and you’ll love how quickly it comes together with simple ingredients you’ll already have. I promise you, not only is this simple to make, it’s also incredibly delicious and your family will feel all the love you’ve put into this delicious, creamy pie with every bite! Our Banana Pudding Pie needs to chill for at least 6 – 8 hours, or overnight so plan to make this ahead…

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    White Wine Cake Recipe AKA Southern Crack Cake

    Our White Wine Cake Recipe tops the most requested cakes on our list! This cake recipe with wine in the batter & a sugar syrup spiked with wine has an amazing floral flavor and leaves everyone guessing what the secret ingredient is. I promise you, everyone will ask for seconds, then thirds, and then beg for this recipe! This simple and unassuming white wine cake recipe is also known as Southern Crack Cake. All it takes is one little bite of this decadent dessert and you’ll understand why it’s so beloved. Our Southern Crack Cake recipe with wine doubles up the white wine, adding it to both the batter and…

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    Easy Classic Vanilla Cheesecake Recipe

    Our Easy Classic Vanilla Cheesecake Recipe is quick, easy and super creamy! This is one of my favorite desserts, and it’s one of those fail-safe vintage recipes that has stood the test of time and effort to create a rich, delectable classic New York style cheesecake in a cookie crust. If you haven’t made a homemade cheesecake yet, get ready for an incredible treat! You’re going to love making this classic cheesecake and eating it too ?